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  • Name: sarah
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  • Location: Sydney AU
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    Hi there Khensu Thanks for your reply. Great to hear you on the chat on Sunday. Hope you are having a lovely break - sounded like a wonderful time with the dolphins etc. The fellow whose number I gave you is a very experienced counsellor and would be happy to help you or organise a referral. Many of our patients at the sydney cancer centre go through some of the things that you have. So there are people here who can help you. Take care Chix
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    Hi Khensu ( Sarah)
    I'm a bit concerned about you ... you have been sounding so down lately. Have you had a chance to ring my colleague Daniel yet? If it all seems too much for you to contact him, he would be happy to call you. You could just send me a contact number.

    I hope you don't think I'm being too intrusive but I really do know what its like when everything gets on top of you and I am concerned for your welfare.

    take care *hugs*

    Chix (Cath)


    Reply from khensu83:

    imagehey chix
    Thanks for the msg i am still trying to cope with what i went through i am on holidays right now on the north coast and when i get back i am going to speak to someone one because i really need to thanks for caring your a good mate
    sarah image